I have decided to put my book “on hold” for a few months or more and do some editing with it and rewriting.  The current version will be unavailable and a newer version republished in the near future.

The process that has led to this has been quite interesting.  I originally wrote the book less than a year after my husband’s sudden death.  It was published a few months later.  I knew I was writing it for a bigger purpose, not just my own healing.  However, I didn’t realize how much of a “bigger purpose” it really was going to be.  I am now just realizing this.

Through a series of events, I have come to realize that there are many important messages in the book about light and dark energies, the human mind and relationships, and the virtues of truth, compassion, forgiveness, humility, to name a few.  It is important in how I, as the author, want these things to be portrayed and gifted to the universe.  The messages in the book are very clear and strong and I want to only come from the highest vibration, truth,  and light.

The story itself is quite astonishing to say the least, and it is a very necessary part of the book so one can see to the depths of what the human mind and body can go, and even at the soul level.  And this is from both perspectives, my husband’s and my own.  The truly remarkable part though is the healing that can take place when confronted with these life altering events and traumas; if we are open and choose this.  My soul chose this experience to grow in leaps and bounds in just this short amount of time on this earth.

The message in this book is one of light and love, above and beyond all else.  I want to be absolutely sure that this is the case.  In my revision of this book, I am not changing “the story”.  That was written from a true perspective. The healing in this comes from the light and love being able to come through and be seen in this story at the end.  This is what I want people to come away with after reading this book.  I am more in tune and in touch with this than I was 7-8 months ago when writing the book.  I am more able to see the significant lessons clearly and come from light and love in birthing these messages now.

Personally, I also think it is important to connect with Divine Mother energies with these messages for humanity coming from the highest light and vibration possible.  When I edit this book, I will come from this place.  Light is always stronger than dark.  It is time for all of us to embrace our light and live from this light and illuminate the planet with this light….and love.  The planet needs this more now than ever.

I will come forward soon with these new light filled messages in the revision of this book.  I will create a manual for healing to teach workshops from in the future for others to heal from shock and traumas similar to what I have gone through.  I will write a sequel to this book on the healing that has taken place and is still taking place in me and my soul’s evolution because of this.  I will spread these messages and this light and truth for all who are ready.

Stay tuned for updates on the revision of this book and other things.  The Phoenix is Rising!

My Perfect Husband's Life - Book-Cover

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