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Revision of My Book

I have decided to put my book "on hold" for a few months or more and do some editing with it and rewriting.  The current version will be unavailable and a newer version republished in the near future. The process that has led to this has been quite interesting.  I...

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The Phoenix Rising

The most universal characteristic of the Phoenix Bird is the bird's ability to resurrect. Living a long life (the exact age can vary from five hundred to over a thousand years), the bird dies in a self-created fire, flaming into a pile of ashes, from which a phoenix...

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My New Book is Ready For Sale

My Book is now ready for you to purchase on my website or directly through  The paperback version is ready now and the kindle version will be ready early next week (4/13 or 14)  There is also a purchase options button below you can click on. I will start to...

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My first book is in the final last stages

Exciting news!  My first book is in the final last stages before publishing on Amazon.  It will be available in paperback and kindle ebook.  Welcome to my website.  Please check back for news and updates and sign up for my newsletter for the latest updates.  You will...

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