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Amazing story! The book is so captivating that I was glued to every page, anxious to know the next scene following that. It is so amazing how Sophia is able to deliver her own intimate experience with just words, allowing us to immerse in her hurtful experience. There were a few moments that tears trickled down my eyes as though the painful experience was happening to me. I would definitely recommend this to my friends who have been through similar painful experiences and this story can definitely encourage them to walk out and embrace those who are worth their time. Highly recommended!!

Anthony Song

My Perfect Husband’s Life  is a must read for anyone experiencing emotional trauma or painful relationship situations. It has made me realize how important it is to listen to your intuition and pay attention to what is going on around you. I can only imagine the trauma Sophia must have gone through in dealing with this situation. She has overcome so much, and because of this, offers not only her story, but healing techniques that have helped her, and can  help you recover and heal from any painful situation you might be experiencing. Like the Phoenix, Sophia has risen above it all, and she can help you to rise from the ashes of your emotional experiences also.

Daelyn Wolf

Spiritual Teacher, Writer, and Artist, California USA

I thought it was a remarkable spiritual journey story not just via the content of the story but the fact that within one year all that you were able to accomplish on a spiritual level. You ended it on a high note rather than a negative blaming note. You were clear about the hurt and equally as clear about the choices you made to heal and why. I believe yours will be a book that will help many who have unbelievable issues that come into their lives and the testimony that , if you choose, you can and will survive and grow from the experience. Hats off to you, on so many levels!

Connie Hyde

Elementary Principal, Minnesota USA

Wow what a powerful book! Thank you for sharing this time in your life. Your book reinforced the importance of following your intuition. If something feels wrong or off it is. You have come a long way and thank you for sharing your story and how your healed your pain. This book has helped me immensely!

Tiffany Powers

Certified Thetahealing® Instructor & Practitioner, California

This book is an eye opener and a OMG . It is very timely and if you are open to looking at all of the perspectives for yourself this book can heal, it hits all levels. It can give you courage and bring out your fearlessnees to see where possibly you got too comfortable. Or what have you denied for yourself or lied to yourself about in order to be comfortable? Not only is this about a relationship it can and is about all relationships especially with self. Getting back to Trust and digging deeper than you have ever gone before can and will bring in awesome healing and a beautiful new way of being. We do not have to wait for a tragic event in order to go deep and ask those big questions for ourselves to bring unconditional love and trust within our being.It can help you know that we create our own security within ourselves and it is safe to do so. I felt inspired….and healed.

Rhonda, California, Thetahealing Practitioner and Energy Worker

I absolutely loved this book, I read it in one sitting. This is a true story of a women who found out after her husbands death, that he was a very different person to the one she loved and knew, and who led a double life. A very moving account of the emotions and pain she felt as she discovered more and more of his life, and the way she had been betrayed by the man she felt was her soul mate. The courage and honesty the author showed sharing and writing it is inspirational, as is her healing journey of spiritual growth and forgiveness. A book that could help others to have hope and healing and to come out the other side of painful experiences. A powerful book which kept me completely engaged until the final page.

Diane, UK, Thetahealing Practitioner

This book is amazing. I read it in one evening. It will motivate you to look at everything positive and negative (or potentially so) in your relationships. It ends with great self-evaluation and self healing tips. Well written, gripping sense of downward spirals, and light filled ascensions …. all in the here and now everyday world.

Jennie, Arizona

I read the whole book last nite, could NOT put it down, it was the kind of a book that was a “page-turner”. It was very well-written, I probably read it kind of fast, because I could not wait to see what the next page said. So, this weekend, I am going to read it again and SLOWER. It is amazing that you did this! I was kind of amazed at your expertise, in the last few chapters (after you had told your story, the things to look for, advise, etc.) I could not put it down!

Mary H., Wisconsin

Well written! A journey into all the possibilities of a relationship. This book is an excellent tool for stimulating the reader’s awareness into their own relationships. It is most helpful who must face betrayal and the devastation of secrets while seeming to live in a perfect scenario. Well done for this first time author! Healing, honest, authentic, awakening. I loved it!

J. H., Arizona

WOW… this is a TRUE story, not fiction. It is the story of a fellow ThetaHealing Instructor and her bravery to tell her story. My Perfect Husband’s life is riveting. You won’t believe as you read, the story that unfolds and you’ll be glued to each page.
The BEST part, however, is the UP ending. Where Sophia shows you what she did to get through it. Tips on what to look out for and what to do. How to choose to move forward, forgive and heal yourself.
It is a MUST READ. So many are experiencing things similar in their lives. This book empowers an individual to choose to heal from even the most traumatic situations. Of course, it is written in the content of being a wife, but it can just as easily happen to a husband or male, so it would behoove everyone to read it.

Dawn Maree, Montana, Thetahealing Practitioner and Instructor

A heart wrenching and deeply honest account of a woman’s experience of loss, death and betrayal, when the constructs of your reality have come crashing down and you are left bereft. Your innocence is temporarily lost as you scramble to make sense of the unimaginable. It is at this juncture that you can tip you to the brink of insanity.

Heroically Sophia has discovered deep within her innate awareness, the faith and trust of her own power and connectedness. To emerge from this experience intact is inspiring, to grow through it and once again regain your innocence and trust in the universal order is profound.
Kudos to Sophia for sharing. Once I started reading, I could not put it down.
A must read to all who have loved and lost.

Jany Skeates, Ipswich Australia

What a powerful book first time writer Sohpia Satyana has given us! I received that awesome experience of triumphing over adversity that is so empowering that we hope we can have as a reader!! I recommend this book for anyone who resonates personally with the subject. Its’ an unfortunately common addiction in our present society, and all readers will benefit from Sophia’s piercing honesty, and wisdom, and from coming through this wounding so magnificently to be able to alert us to warning signs and how to heal afterwards. Too many times this is hidden because of shame. Sophia’s bringing the pain into the light to be cleansed is a beacon for others to do the same. Let her story fuel you to face it. Please share with your friends as so many can identify and be helped with this.

Jennifer Roven, Arizona and California, Thetahealer and Teacher

Having recently made my own “discovery” about my husband of 25 years, I have read everything I can get my hands on to help me understand sex addiction, narcissism, and what this type of trauma does to innocent victims. Sophia’s story is similar to mine and a comfort to me – I am not alone, my reactions and emotions are real, and I will recover from this assault on my soul by doing the work necessary to heal. Thank you for sharing your story with such honesty.

~ Anonymous

I couldn’t stop reading this book, even though it was a holiday and I was supposed to be celebrating with family. This is a true story and I so appreciate the author being willing to share such intimate details and feelings along her process to healing. Recommend it for anyone who’s ever been through any type of hurtful relationship. She has many good suggestions as to what she used to heal herself and offers great insights into the process.

Marcia Brandt, Iowa

Just purchased the book!!! So excited to read more……I can’t put it down but I have to get back to the family. I heard so many great things about this book had to take advantage of the sale price. I am quite sure I will not be disappointed with the book after I complete it. I personally know the author and like everything she does, this will be thorough and insightful. I highly recommend this book!

Grace, Milwaukee, WI

Wow! An incredible true story of unraveling illusional perceptions and transformation!
It was stimulating and captivating all the way through. As a reader, I felt this sense of transparency of the author showing us observers what her experience was like and how she felt. Despite everything, Sophia, having had the courage to do whatever it took to stand up for her evolutionary growth is amazing! it was like this solo healing journey she merged into as she did, set the stage of having built a strong foundation for her to fall back on when having to endure the shocks that came her way. Liken to a metaphor of (Sophia) having been consumed by fire and coming out the other-side transformed. I like how the author carry’s the reader right along with what it took for her towards turning lessons into effective stepping stones with choices, and being a way shower. Thank you for making a difference!

C.K.L, Washington State, Theta Healer

I couldn’t stop reading this great story that read almost like a soap opera except it was all true. It was a wake up call to get things in order and also to trust those intuitive hits. Made me think of what people would discover about me if I died suddenly.

~ Anonymous

It seems unbelievable that something like this could happen, but Sophia honestly and courageously tells her story and makes us believe that this is more common than we think. The story itself is horrific, but it’s the healing process Sophia went through that is truly inspirational.

Amy, Wisconsin, High School Teacher

This is a captivating and engaging story. I couldn’t stop reading.  I wanted to know if Sophia would overcome this horrific situation. Her story is an inspiration to anyone dealing with loss, betrayal, and forgiveness. What she experienced is incredible, but she skillfully paints an honest picture explaining how it really can happen to anyone.

Teresa Beaudry, Librarian, Wisconsin

What you hold in your hands is a story of love found and lost, love imagined and real, love replete with joy and intense pain.  It is a story of redemption and resurrection and is one of the oldest stories ever told set amidst today’s world. It begs one to drop deep into their heart into the space of unconditional love….the only place that holds forgiveness.


Gisele M. Bonenfant, Arizona

Author of A Visitor's Guide To Planet Earth

Dear Sophia,
A friend told me to read your book because she said it would help me. I went through the same thing, only a few degree worse, 7 months ago, and I didn’t think there was another person out there who could relate. I am on my own healing journey and awakening and the pain is equal to the greater love I am experiencing every time I receive unexpected help. Thank you for the courage to write it all up and put it out there, reading your story has helped me understand that I am not delusional, as every single thing you wrote made so much perfect sense, and helped isolate my light and truth to his darkness.
Thank you Sophia, sending you love, light, hugs and strength to continue your path of healing and helping other people heal.
All the best,

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