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My Perfect Husband’s Life

Author Sophia Satyana tells the true story of her husband’s sudden death at age fifty-six years old and the shocking story that unfolded of the secret life he had been living all along during their twenty-one year marriage.

Her friends, family, and co-workers thought she had the perfect husband, perfect marriage, and perfect life.

She thought she had the perfect husband. She thought she had the perfect life.

And then, one cold, winter morning, it all ended. He died suddenly of a massive heart attack. So the story begins.

This is a riveting story of love and loss, of trust betrayed, of light and dark energies, all at play in a seemingly happy marriage. It is a story about healing the dark night of the soul that happens when your heart is shattered.

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Sophia Satyana Interview - Part 1 - Tonya June Moore

by Sophia Satyana | Interviewed by Tonya June Moore

Sophia Satyana Interview - Part 2 - Tonya June Moore

by Sophia Satyana | Interviewed by Tonya June Moore

Sophia Satyana Interview - by Tiffany Powers

by Sophia Satyana | Interviewed by Tiffany Powers

What Readers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our readers do the talking!

If reading something makes me feel uncomfortable, I know that it’s good. From the first page I was riveted. I couldn’t put it down! From shock and disbelief – I MEAN REALLY? How could this happen? To the expansion of thoughts and ideas that I had never shined the light of my own consciousness on, until now – reading this book.

Knowing that it is a true story – that someone lived this strange tale – makes it relatable and I do believe that she isn’t the only person who has experienced this type of manipulation and betrayal. My eyes are forever opened and I am glad this book is out there!

What if we changed the way we thought and saw the truth – isn’t it time to be awakened? She really hits home all of the possibilities that exist when we forgive and choose to love – even when our ego really wants the complete opposite. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this and sharing the knowledge Sophia.  Needs to be a movie, FOR SURE!

Tonya June Moore


A heart wrenching and deeply honest account of a woman’s experience of loss, death and betrayal, when the constructs of your reality have come crashing down and you are left bereft. Your innocence is temporarily lost as you scramble to make sense of the unimaginable. It is at this juncture that you can tip you to the brink of insanity.

Heroically Sophia has discovered deep within her innate awareness, the faith and trust of her own power and connectedness. To emerge from this experience intact is inspiring, to grow through it and once again regain your innocence and trust in the universal order is profound.
Kudos to Sophia for sharing. Once I started reading, I could not put it down.
A must read to all who have loved and lost.



Jany Skeates, Ipswich Australia

What a powerful book first time writer Sohpia Satyana has given us! I received that awesome experience of triumphing over adversity that is so empowering that we hope we can have as a reader!! I recommend this book for anyone who resonates personally with the subject. Its’ an unfortunately common addiction in our present society, and all readers will benefit from Sophia’s piercing honesty, and wisdom, and from coming through this wounding so magnificently to be able to alert us to warning signs and how to heal afterwards. Too many times this is hidden because of shame. Sophia’s bringing the pain into the light to be cleansed is a beacon for others to do the same. Let her story fuel you to face it. Please share with your friends as so many can identify and be helped with this.



Jennifer Roven, Arizona

“Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday”
~ Anonymous

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Read the Book’s Prologue Below

At 56, my life as I knew it was over. I knew I would never be the same person again. Even the past as I knew it would be forever changed, different from the truth I knew it to be. The future would definitely be changed. One event can change everything.

My world came crashing down all around me. What do you do when you are married to someone, and you realize you do not know them? He is not the person you thought he was after 21 years of marriage and knowing him for 35 years.
Life really is so precious. We truly never know if we are going to take that next breath or not. In an instant, this life could be over. Even though my conscious mind knows all of this, it is entirely different to live it. To know it as your reality, when your life changes in an instant with no warning, you have no choice but to live it.

This is a love story….the story of the love of my life, of what I thought was true love. It is a story of loss, the sudden loss of the life of my husband of 21 years at age 56; loss of the illusion of what I thought and believed the marriage was….loss of me and what I thought my life was, and ultimately the story of the deepest of betrayals from my soul mate.
It is the true story of the secret life I found out my husband had been living our whole marriage. I found this out after his death. It was a nightmare I could not wake up from…..and was afraid I never would.

And so the story of the last year of my life beings….

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