Exciting news!  My first book is in the final last stages before publishing on Amazon.  It will be available in paperback and kindle ebook.  Welcome to my website.  Please check back for news and updates and sign up for my newsletter for the latest updates.  You will receive the first chapter to my book when you sign up for my newsletter now.

Much healing took place for me in the writing of this book.  I realized that what I am writing about is much more common than we may want to believe.  The human body and mind are complex and there are many different layers and levels to each.  Added in is the drama and duality of this earthly existence, karma, and life lessons and we have quite complex stories.  This is one such story; based on truth, illusion, duality, and love.

The first part of the book is the actual story of the last year of my life since my husband’s sudden death.  The second part of the book is about my recovery from this, what I learned, and how I start to move forward and heal from this.

The metaphor for me is the beautiful “Phoenix Bird Rising”, which has actually been in place my whole life, but particularly in the last year.  I have survived, shaken myself off, and am rising and soaring to new heights I am not entirely aware of yet.  This is the gift and the blessing from this story.

My Perfect Husband's Life - Book-Cover

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