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Maggie Chula


Maggie is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Mentor and Medical Intuitive. (she does distance sessions over the phone)

Maggie offers soul level guidance from the Akashic Records, channeled messages from your Council of Light (or divine guidance) and energy healing for your mind, body and soul. She can help you get more in touch with your natural intuition and live an empowered life.

Maggie and Tiffany both helped me to clarify things I was confused about, gave me added information and insight on things I could not see for myself at the time, and helped to clarify things that I was getting, feeling and seeing were real both before my husband’s death and after.

Maggie’s website is:

Tiffany Powers

Southern California

Certified Thetahealing Teacher and Practitioner, California (she does sessions over phone and skype)

Tiffany Powers is a professional Spiritual teacher, healer, and psychic. She works with clients to help them become more empowered, heal their traumas, and to understand that they are the co-creators of their own lives. If you are struggling and you are ready for change Tiffany can help you to live your best life now.

Tiffany’s website is

Bettina Madini


Access Consciousness Facilitator and Artist (she does Access Clearing sessions over the phone or skype)

Bettina can work with you quickly to change your perspective, judgments, and conclusions on things in your life.  This opens you up to more awareness and space to look at different points of view.  She can also help you let go of attachments and distractions (fears) that keep you stuck in energy you would like to move on from. She also teaches many Access Classes.

Bettina’s Access Profile Page is:

Amanda Romani, Sedona, AZ
(she also does distant sessions)

Dr. Amanda Romania is a futurist, Akashic oracle, and soul artisan. For the past decade, she has worked with indigenous elders and shamans on ritual and sacred site energy. Amanda has a master’s degree in business from Durham University and a doctorate in metaphysics.

Her soul mission is to support others on their spiritual journey towards ascension to create a positive global imprint. Amanda uses her gifts to teach individuals and groups to engage their hearts and essences. Amanda teaches how universal energy can be understood and applied to everyday life.

Her Akashic Records Readings are a real treat.  She gives you so much wonderful information from your records and light beings working with you from your soul’s perspective on your life.

Amanda’s website is:

Randi Kirchofner LMT, NTP, CPC


We all carry around emotions that negatively affect our actions.

The emotional baggage you carry around could have been gathered from conception through childhood into the present, making some of them impossible to remember. Some of your limiting emotions may not even be your own. They could be emotions passed to you through genetics, or projected onto you by others.

Through muscle testing and intuitive deduction, Randi is able to guide clients through releasing emotions that are limiting their lives and happiness even if they don’t know the emotions exist all without the need to go into great detail about the event.

Randi does in person and distant phone sessions.

Contact Randi at:



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